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To “have a voice” is to own your own power within the world, and to have the freedom and ability to express your own truth, or the truth of a character in performance.  Jan Gist has been facilitating voices for over three decades, for professional actor training, for professional theatre productions, for performers, actors, singers, public speakers, and speakers of English as a second language.
Theatres across the country engage her for their shows, to coach dialects and accents, Shakespeare text, verbal style, vocal health, theatre strength, verbal specificity and expressiveness.  During rehearsals, Jan’s work supports the playwright’s script, and the director’s vision, as she facilitates actors to embody the language with vocal freedom, intense meaning, and interactive responsiveness, helping audiences to deeply experience the story and substance of the theatrical event.  
The list of professional theatres includes: Los Angeles Music Center’s Ahmanson Theatre; The Old Globe, La Jolla Playhouse, San Diego Rep, and Mo’olelo, of San Diego; Shakespeare Theatres and Festivals of Oregon, Alabama, Utah, American Shakespeare Center (of Virginia), The Shakespeare Theatre (of D.C.); repertory companies of Indiana, Milwaukee, and Playmakers (of North Carolina); Arena Stage of D.C., and American Players Theatre (of Wisconsin). And she has contributed support to other productions from Denver Center to Queensland Theatre Company of Australia.
Workshops include approaches to Shakespeare, audition skills, teaching skills, and full vocal empowerment.  The list of workshop hosts includes:

American Shakespeare Center, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Mo’olelo Performing Arts Center. International workshops include: London’s Central School of Speech and Drama, Russia’s Moscow Art Theatre, and conferences for Voice And Speech Trainers Association all over the U.S. and in Glasgow, Scotland, and Toronto, Canada.
Jan is Head of Voice and Speech for the Old Globe/University of San Diego Graduate Theatre Department where she coaches all their productions and teaches in every semester of the two year MFA program.  Classes include foundations of vocal hygiene, breath support, full bodied resonation, expressive pitch range, theatre strength with ease, articulation clarity, text, and dialects.

working with Jan receive personally designed and adapted instruction on convincing and persuasive body language, gesture, and eye contact, as well as verbal skills for clear and powerful communication.  Speakers of other languages are taught how to be clearly understood in English, and how to take on the role of leadership with their audiences. 

To Contact Jan Gist

University of San Diego:

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Office Phone: (619) 260-7757

The Old Globe Theatre:

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Guidance on How to Develop Your Voice & Speech 

1. Learn how you learn.

2. Translate what you're taught into what can work for you to become your own teacher.

3. Drill your skills with curiosity and imagination.

4. Bridge your skills into the vital, expressive journey as it is sculpted by the script, and envisioned by the director.

5. Embody "Stage Presence" by owning the time, owning the place, and welcoming your audience into you specifically crafted time and place.