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2nd Semester, 1st Year, MFA Voice & Speech Class

Teacher/Coach: Jan Gist

Spring, 2011: January 25 - April 8

Tuesdays 2:35 – 4:30, Wednesdays & Fridays 1:00 - 2:25

This semester will be a continuation of your first semester’s voice and speech work:

         Breath support and enlargement

         Tone placement and enrichment

         Connection of ease and efficiency of body in all voice and acting work

         Articulation flexibility, precision, expressiveness

         I.P.A. symbols as a tool to explore articulation

         Application of exercises and drills in performance of text



         We will learn consonant, vowel and diphthong precision and phonetic symbols

         Explore in-depth vocal exercises and drills

         Perform different styles of text

         Continue to be playful, curious, courageous, and determined to grow,  individually and in ensemble support.


Professional attendance and participation continue to be part of the grade:

         Students are ready to begin work right at the scheduled class time.

         Always inform the teacher ahead of time, of absences or tardies.

         After the second absence, the grade is dropped by 1/2 a letter per additional absence.

         After the second tardy, the grade is dropped by 1/2 a letter per additional two tardies.

         Any missed assignment must be made up, and it is the responsibility of the student to schedule this with the teacher.

         Any missed information must be attained from schoolmates.

         Late written assignments drop by 1/2 grade per day late.


Welcome back, and on we go!